01. After I take a shower, the walls of our bathroom are covered with [moisture].
02. You have to make sure that you turn the compost once in a while in order to get air and [moisture] in there to help all the stuff to break down.
03. Sea animals must retain [moisture] when the tide is low in order to prevent dehydration.
04. Children who suffer from diarrhea also get dehydrated because their bodies can't retain any [moisture].
05. Because of an incredible anti-dehydration system, some cactus species release 1/600th the [moisture] of an ordinary plant the same size.
06. Instead of drinking, giraffes can sometimes stay hydrated by using the [moisture] from leaves.
07. If you keep your bread in a paper bag inside a plastic bag, it will stay [moist] and fresh.
08. Gorillas do not seem to need to drink, due to the high [moisture] content of their diet.
09. The machines which will be sent to the planet Mars on the next NASA mission will relay information about rocks and surface [moisture] directly back to three centers worldwide.
10. Sweat releases warm water from the body, which cools as the [moisture] evaporates off the skin.
11. The planet Mars was once [moist] and had surface water, but the water disappeared about 3 1/2 billion years ago, leaving the planet dry and cold.
12. She [moistened] a tissue with a bit of water and used it to clean the dirt off her hands.
13. She uses [moisturizer] on her skin to keep it smooth and young-looking.
14. I can't believe you paid $15 for that small tube of face [moisturizer].
15. If all the [moisture] in our air were to condense and fall, it would add more than a centimeter of water to the surface of our planet.
16. In Siberia, it is sometimes so cold that the [moisture] in a person's breath freezes when they exhale.
17. Make sure the soil around the plant is [moist], but don't over water it.
18. His shirt was [moist] with sweat.
19. The waiter [moistened] the cloth with a bit of white vinegar before wiping off the counter.
20. There is a lot of [moisture] in the air, which makes it feel even hotter than it really is.
21. This cake is so lovely and [moist]. You'll have to give me the recipe.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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